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Hiring Trends for 2018

Recruiting and hiring is much easier in a depressed economy with high unemployment rates. So what are the recruiting and hiring trends in 2018, with a better economy and low unemployment rates? With low unemployment rates, employers must get creative to find good talent. Simply posting a job and waiting for the ideal candidate to […]

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Hiring Attorneys with Partner Potential

In a market where 32% of equity partners are approaching retirement age and only 50% of firms are expected to grow, having a strong talent management strategy is essential for law firms. We have previously discussed the challenges of hiring legal support staff, so let’s focus on how to hire attorneys with partner potential. Hiring, training, developing, […]

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Challenges of Hiring Paralegals and Legal Assistants?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect a 15% increase in paralegal and legal assistant jobs between 2016 and 2026. This means increased competition to attract and retain your staff. Recruiting paralegals, legal assistants, and other legal support staff is not an easy task, so it is not a surprise that many […]

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Technology Impacts on the Legal Industry

The technology impacts on the legal industry have been an evolving topic of discussions for years. Recently, those impacts have become significant and now most law firms are forced to deal with the issue. However, with the pains that come along with technological advances, there are some significant advantages as well. First, technology is not […]

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Succession Planning for Workforce Shifts

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS Source), it is projected that almost 25% of the workforce will be comprised of employees over the age of 55 by 2026. What does this mean for employers? It could mean a staffing shortage if you have not planned appropriately. Even worse, it could mean a huge loss of knowledge for your business. Succession planning and preparation are essential for today’s employers.

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Recruiting – 5 Basics for Success

The recruiting process can be daunting, leaving recruiters, hiring managers, and job applicants feeling frustrated instead of successful. As an employer, there are a few basics you can incorporate into your recruiting process to improve the success of your recruiting efforts.

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7 Tips for Making a Good Hiring Decision

Hiring employees is one of the most essential, yet expensive, initiatives of an organization. There are several key components to a successful recruiting effort that can help minimize the risk of making a poor decision when hiring employees. Incorporating these 7 tips into your hiring process can lead you down the best path to select the right employee!

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Recruitment Marketing Strategy

What is a recruitment marketing strategy? Simply put, it is a marketing plan directed at potential job seekers. Whether you are a small, two-employee startup firm, or a giant Fortune 500 entity, recruitment marketing is essential in today’s world.

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Why Work with an External Recruiter for Direct Hire Services?

Deciding how to identify the best employees for your company is a large task. Leveraging relationships and services of an external recruiter can not only make the task easier, but it can also lower the risks associated with making a poor hiring decision. Below are the top reasons companies use an external recruiter.

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Why Work with an External Recruiter to Staff Your Hard-to-Fill Positions?

Why would you work with an external (agency) recruiter to fill your difficult jobs? Is it because recruiters are well connected? Or perhaps because recruiters are master networkers? While often true, there are other considerations. Let’s dive into the reasons there is such a demand for external recruiters. Deciding how to identify the best employees […]

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