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Halloween in the Workplace? Employers have to decide!

It’s that time of year and employers must decide if they will allow Halloween in the workplace, and how much! Do you throw together a team party? Do you have a costume contest or pumpkin carving contest? There are some serious concerns for employers to consider when making such decisions. According to MaynardNexson, some of […]

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Progressive Discipline Tips for Managers…it can be a slippery slope!

Progressive discipline can be a slippery slope for managers, so we have put together a few tips for you. First, it is important to understand what progressive discipline is and what it is not. Progressive discipline (even if you call it by another name) is designed and works best when used to open a dialogue […]

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Getting Your Job Posting Noticed During a Pandemic

Recruiting for your business may seem a little overwhelming during a pandemic. Even though your business may be functioning a little differently, you still have revenue to make, projects to complete, customers to satisfy, and people to hire! Getting your job positing noticed during a pandemic is critical to receiving quality applicants. There are still […]

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8 Tips for Better Recruiting

Recruiting can be a frustrating process. Below are eight tips for a better recruiting process, while also enhancing candidate engagement and employer branding. Write and post accurate and unique job descriptions. Lots of companies are recruiting for the same talent. Make your job postings stand out by using attractive images and a variety of posting […]

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Common Recruiting Myths…..and the Truth!

Technology is replacing recruiting. So, you have heard the rumor that technology will replace recruiting. Technology is a tool. The best recruiters know how to leverage technology to work smarter and more efficiently. Technology is not a substitute for people interactions. Recruiting is a people-forward industry and technology can’t replace relationships. So, that myth is […]

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Why Is Employee Engagement So Important?

Most of us HR professionals understand that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. No matter how great your product or service; you can’t succeed if you don’t have the right people to promote, produce, and manage your business. In an economy with low unemployment rates and low employee engagement, it is difficult to retain […]

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Recruiting- Times Are Changing in 2019

With lower unemployment rates, many HR professionals are finding it more than difficult to manage their recruiting processes than in recent years.  This market shift has created a greater challenge than just finding talent. It also means that companies need to really focus on their employee engagement. A common challenge is that their recruiters and HR […]

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Wellness Programs Improve Employee Retention, Recruitment, and Morale

With the unemployment rate below 4%, many employers are looking for ways to increase employee retention and improve recruiting efforts. The incorporation of wellness programs is one trend employers are using to achieve these goals. According to a recent study by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the majority of employers who increased their […]

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Building Effective Teams that Maximize Collaboration

Jobs are more collaborative and require more teamwork than ever! So how you do build effective and collaborative teams? Many companies just expect teams to work well together, communicate effectively, and be productive. In most cases, wanting effective teams is not enough to actually have effective teams. Like most goals, building effective teams requires planning, […]

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Competing for Talent in 2018

Employers are fighting for talent, increasing salaries, and expecting to grow their staff in 2018. According to CareerBuilder’s Annual Forecast for 2018, 44% of employers plan to add permanent staff this year. Additionally, 51% of employers are planning to add temporary (contract) staff to their teams. With a strong economy, businesses are comfortable investing in additional […]

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