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Tips for Video Interview Success

Video interviews are on the rise – check out these tips for video interview success

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LinkedIn Job Search Tips & Essentials

10 tips for using LinkedIn during your job search.

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Creating an Interview Thank You Message

An effective interview thank you message is not a thing of the past!

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Elevator Pitches for Job Interviews

Most people dread the question “tell me about yourself.” It can be difficult to articulate who you are in less than a minute. Preparing an elevator pitch can take the awkwardness out of the equation. If you are in the market for a new job, you should be prepared to hear the question “tell me […]

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Top 25 Interview Tips

Interviewing can be complicated and frustrating. These interview tips are designed to help job seekers in any industry. Don’t Carry Too Much Typically, the first interaction of an interview is a handshake. If your hands are full of binders and bags, the handshake can be awkward. Only take the essentials, which include a few copies […]

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Phone Interview Tips

A phone interview can be difficult, but it’s easier with a little preparation and practice. For many positions, especially contract positions, hiring decisions are made after one phone interview. YES, after only one telephone interview!! This means you only have one shot to make a great first impression and you won’t be able to rely on your charming smile or sparkling eyes. You have to sell yourself over the telephone in one conversation.

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Common Interview Questions

Interviewing can be difficult, especially if you are not prepared to answer common interview questions. The good news is that it is easy to prepare for certain interview questions, though you are likely to get a few wild card questions in any interview!

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Interview Questions to Uncover Company Culture

So, you are excited that you finally got an interview with what you believe to be your dream company! But how do you really know that the company and the position are right for you? Understanding company culture is just as important as understanding the duties of a position if you are looking for a long-term employment match.

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What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

You’re in an interview and it’s going well. You’re qualified and you’ve impressed them so far. You’re thinking you have this in the bag—until the interviewer asks, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Your mind goes blank, an awkward silence sets in, and you feel yourself begin to sweat. What do you do?!

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