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Common Recruiting Myths…..and the Truth!

Technology is replacing recruiting. So, you have heard the rumor that technology will replace recruiting. Technology is a tool. The best recruiters know how to leverage technology to work smarter and more efficiently. Technology is not a substitute for people interactions. Recruiting is a people-forward industry and technology can’t replace relationships. So, that myth is […]

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Top 25 Interview Tips

Interviewing can be complicated and frustrating. These interview tips are designed to help job seekers in any industry. Don’t Carry Too Much Typically, the first interaction of an interview is a handshake. If your hands are full of binders and bags, the handshake can be awkward. Only take the essentials, which include a few copies […]

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Resume Design for Automated Screening

Approximately 90% of job applicants submit their resume online, and most of those resumes are scanned by automated technology (applicant tracking systems or “ATS”). So how do you get your resume “accepted” by these screening tools instead of rejected? Follow the below tips to increase the likelihood of your resume passing the system’s check.

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4 Tips for Writing an Effective Technical Resume

While some resume tips are applicable to every industry, Information Technology resumes present a few unique challenges. Technical resumes are typically wrought with acronyms and technical terms that can make them difficult to read and even more difficult to skim. Below are some tips to help your Technical Resume stand out and attract the attention […]

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What is the Best Format for an Effective Resume?

There are three main resume formats that are considered standard and appropriate for most job seekers. These formats include: Chronological, Functional, and Combination formats. Deciding the best format for your situation can be a challenge. Below are some tips to help you decide the most appropriate resume format for your experience and career goals. Chronological […]

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5 Must-Haves for Every Resume

Most hiring managers and recruiters will spend 6-8 seconds reviewing a resume, largely due to the volume of resumes they receive. On average, managers and recruiters receive more than 250 resumes per job opening. So how do you craft a resume that stands out from the other 249 applicants and gets the attention of the […]

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How to Stand Out as an Exceptional IT Candidate

With hundreds of candidates applying to Information Technology positions, it is important to make a great first impression. Below are some tips to help you stand out from other candidates: Have a memorable resume Your resume is a marketing tool to get you an interview. Think of it as your commercial. If a commercial is […]

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Are You Prepared for a New Job When Opportunity Knocks?

Opportunity can knock on your door at any time. Are you keeping your information up-to-date so you can be ready to jump into a job search or apply for an unexpected opportunity? If not, should you be? Many people make job changes when they are not on the market or actively looking for a new […]

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Are you New Job Ready?

Opportunity can knock on your door at any time. Are you prepared to apply for a new job whenever you get that knock? Maybe another parent at a little league game tells you about the perfect opportunity at his company, or you stumble upon the perfect job posting while perusing your social media for the latest shoe sales. Many opportunities don’t stay open long, so even if you are not in the market for a new job, you should always be New Job Ready!

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Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Social Media Recruiting for Job Applicants. Did you know that approximately 50% of employers use social media recruiting strategies to find, screen, and research job applicants? Depending on the study, some data reports as high as 80% of employers are implementing social media recruiting strategies in some capacity.

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