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How to Identify Accomplishments for Your Résumé.

Do you struggle identifying accomplishments for your résumé? Many job seekers struggle to articulate accomplishments in their résumés. While some people are natural boasters, others are not. However, accomplishments are a key element of an effective résumé. Asking questions about what you have done is a great way to help identify key accomplishments. Below are […]

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8 Résumé Tips for Older Workers

Job seekers and ageism is not a new concern. However, with an increase in job applicants for every opportunity, it is important for job seekers with significant experience to understand ageism and techniques to combat it. This starts with having a résumé that minimizes bias by de-emphasizing age. Before we dive into the 8 résumé […]

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Headlines for Job Seekers

Headlines are a great way for job seekers to grab the attention of recruiters and hiring authorities.

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Most Commonly Misused Words in Résumés

Misusing a word is a huge disappointment on a résumé. Mistakes happen, but you can limit them by thoroughly proofreading and doing a little research. Studies show that more than 60% of hiring managers have disqualified a candidate based solely on résumé errors. Spellcheck is a great tool for ensuring words are spelled properly, but […]

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Résumé Writing Tips- Keep it Concise and Relevant

According to Glassdoor and numerous other resources, hiring managers and recruiters spend about six seconds reviewing a résumé. This means that your résumé needs to be concise and relevant. It needs to grab the reader’s attention quickly. For many job seekers, the hardest part of résumé writing is pairing it down. What do you include? […]

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Resume Design for Automated Screening

Approximately 90% of job applicants submit their resume online, and most of those resumes are scanned by automated technology (applicant tracking systems or “ATS”). So how do you get your resume “accepted” by these screening tools instead of rejected? Follow the below tips to increase the likelihood of your resume passing the system’s check.

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4 Tips for Writing an Effective Technical Resume

While some resume tips are applicable to every industry, Information Technology resumes present a few unique challenges. Technical resumes are typically wrought with acronyms and technical terms that can make them difficult to read and even more difficult to skim. Below are some tips to help your Technical Resume stand out and attract the attention […]

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What is the Best Format for an Effective Resume?

There are three main resume formats that are considered standard and appropriate for most job seekers. These formats include: Chronological, Functional, and Combination formats. Deciding the best format for your situation can be a challenge. Below are some tips to help you decide the most appropriate resume format for your experience and career goals. Chronological […]

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5 Must-Haves for Every Resume

Most hiring managers and recruiters will spend 6-8 seconds reviewing a resume, largely due to the volume of resumes they receive. On average, managers and recruiters receive more than 250 resumes per job opening. So how do you craft a resume that stands out from the other 249 applicants and gets the attention of the […]

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How to Stand Out as an Exceptional IT Candidate

With hundreds of candidates applying to Information Technology positions, it is important to make a great first impression. Below are some tips to help you stand out from other candidates: Have a memorable resume Your resume is a marketing tool to get you an interview. Think of it as your commercial. If a commercial is […]

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