Staffing Services

KG Workforce Solutions offers a variety of staffing solutions to meet your needs.

Contract, contract-to-hire, or direct placement. Which one is right for your company? We’ve outlined the details of each service below, so read on to figure out which type of recruiting service is best for you.

Contract Recruiting (Temporary/Contingent)

Contingent workforces are on the rise for many reasons. Engaging contingent (temporary) staff provides flexibility to organizations who have gaps in their existing staff knowledge, unexpected urgent needs, seasonal peaks in resource needs, or inconsistencies in their overall staffing needs. Engaging contingent staff provides employers with lower costs and increased flexibility within their workforce.

Contract-to-Hire Recruiting

Contract-to-hire recruiting solutions are widely used for many reasons, but most commonly because it provides an employer and prospective employee the opportunity to work together before making a long-term commitment to one another. This reduces an employer’s upfront hiring cost while increasing the likelihood of a successful permanent hire.

Direct Placement Recruiting

This is the simplest form of recruiting. We find the candidate and you hire them. This is an excellent option for employers with an urgent, long-term recruiting need or the need for a niche skillset. You hire the candidate directly onto your payroll and pay us a fee for finding and screening them.

Practice Areas

Everyone has their strengths, and we know how to play to ours! If you want to learn more about the types of candidates for which we recruit and why, check out our Practice Areas.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO services are very different from staffing services. RPO is a partnership and is best suited for employers looking for sustainable solutions to their long-term recruiting needs and goals.

Recruiter Training/Consulting

Recruiting is what we do best! What does your company do best? Could additional staff, recruiter training, or streamlined recruiting processes help your company do even better? Let’s connect.